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Trudi Canavan

Book 2, Traitor Spy

Orbit (2011)


Reviewed by Helen Merrick

The Rogue is book two of the Traitor Spy Trilogy, which follows Canavan’s first series, The Black Magician. Given the close connections with these earlier books, it is impossible to talk about The Rogue without some spoilers for the first book, The Ambassador’s Mission, as well as the Black Magician books, and also the standalone prequel, The Magicians Apprentice. That said, it is possible to come to the Traitor Spy trilogy without having read the previous volumes, although given the rich history built up in these books, it certainly adds to the experience.

The Traitor Spy trilogy opens twenty years after the events of the Black Magician sequence, and follows many of the main characters from the first books. Sonea, the unlikely magician’s novice pulled from the slums has taken her place as one of the High Lords of the Magician’s Guild, and one of only two magicians who can practice the rediscovered black magic. The books also chart the life of her son, the recently graduated magician Lorkin (who was conceived right at the end of the previous sequence). Other characters from the first trilogy return in key roles – Cery the Thief, who was Sonea’s childhood friend from the slums, Rothen, her earliest protector and teacher, and Dannyl, who once again takes on a job as Ambassador. Along with Lorkin, Dannyl’s Ambassadorial role takes him this time into Sachaka, the country whose attempted war on Kyralia was thwarted by Sonea and Lorkin’s father Akkarin in The Black Magician books.

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Trudi Canavan

Traitor Spy Trilogy, Book 1

Orbit (2010)

ISBN: 978 0 84149 866 9

Reviewed by Mitenae, July 2010

It’s twenty years later, Lorkin is grown and Sonea still has her movements restricted but when Cery discovers a Thief Hunter, killing off criminal leaders he gets her help and that of Skellin to help bring the murderer down. None of this is helped by Lorkin’s insistence on becoming Ambassador Dannyl’s assistant and travelling to Sachaka, where he’s abducted by the Traitor’s for reasons all of their own. Sonea must rely on Dannyl to find her son.

This book is a breath of fresh air compared to Trudi Canavan’s last book. The writing is easy, less strained and more focused from the outset. I enjoyed this book, even if it felt towards the end that I had been given part of a book.

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