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Drink Slay Love

Sarah Beth Durst

Margaret K. McElderry Books (2011)

ISBN: 9781442423732

Reviewed by Tehani Wessely

I loved this from beginning to end – the snarky voice of the narration was excellent and spot on, and it was wonderful to read a YA paranormal that made complete internal sense! There’s so rarely a reason for an immortal vampire to go to school, but Durst supplied a legitimate one here, which was a treat to see.

Pearl is a sixteen year old vampire, living it up and revelling in her immortality and badness, with an almost entirely insane family and archetypical boyfriend egging her on. But things start to change almost immediately when she is staked by a unicorn’s horn, which has both physiological and psychological effects on her. Her family look to exploit her new immunity to the sun, sending her to high school to cultivate teen blood, which has some unexpected side effects of its own. Can Pearl reconcile the new aspects of her nature with her family’s needs and wishes, or must she turn her back on them all to reconcile with her new nature?

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