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Mine to Possess (Psy-Changling #4)

ISBN: 9780 575 10000 8

Hostage to Pleasure (Psy-Changling #5)

ISBN: 9780 575 10003 9

Kiss of Snow (Psy-Changling #10)

ISBN: 9780 575 10568 3

Nalini Singh


Reviewed by Helen Merrick

Nalini Singh’s best-selling Psy-Changling series is now up to its tenth book, with no sign of ending soon. Obviously Singh has legions of fans who eat up her successful formula of paramornal romance, spiced up by a bit of crime, suspense and a hefty dose of fairly explicit sex. The Psy-Changling books now have an established pattern, with each novel centred on the coming together of an unlikely couple who, despite challenges and obstacles end up in each others arms (and much more) by the finish. Along the way, each book further develops the broader plotline which occurs in an alternate world where alongside humans live two powerful races – the Psy and the Changlings. The Psy are, not surprisingly, a race with psy powers such as telepathy and telekensis, who dominate the world’s economic and political systems. They are also supposedly without emotion, a condition known as ‘Silence’ which was self-induced a century ago to prevent the increasing damage done by mentally unstable Psy. The Changlings are a very different race, part human and part animal who morph into their animal form at will and carry the heightened strength and senses of their animals while in human form. The key changling groups in the series are the Dark River Leopard pack, who effectively run San Fransisco, and the Snowdancer wolf pack, with whom they form an alliance as the threat from the Psy grows stronger.

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Nalini Singh

A Psy-Changeling novel


ISBN: 978-0-5750-9566-3

Reviewed by Tehani Wessely

Lucas Hunter is a Changeling, an alpha male pack leader dominated by emotion but tempered by power. Sascha Duncan is a cardinal Psy, a woman with enormous Psy potential but hiding her fracturing nature in a world that does not permit her to show her feelings in any way. Thrown together in a business deal at a crucial point in Sascha’s struggle against her splintering psyche, Lucas and Sascha are drawn to each other in every way. As Sascha attempts to disguise her disintegrating emotional state, something that will get her “rehabilitated” by her race were she to be discovered, Lucas seeks to discover the Psy serial killer stalking his people, and both will find a great deal more than either could anticipate.

Having read and quite enjoyed Singh’s later Guild Hunter series this year, I had high expectations of this, the first book of her Psy-Changeling series. However, I had also thought I was slightly glutted on the paranormal romance genre and had put off reading this for some months. I’m glad I finally picked it up!

Singh’s world building is perhaps one of the best things about her writing – she makes the paranormal seem normal while still being fascinating, and it is always completely central to the plot and characterisation. The female protagonist, Sascha, is particularly interesting – she’s strong while being seemingly flawed, and the way Singh draws this out is engaging and powerful. I was fascinated by the relationships, the characters and the world itself, and can’t wait to read the next book. Highly recommended if you’re a fan of Patricia Briggs – Singh has a similar depth of storytelling and characterisation and has created a fascinating world in this series.

Nalini Singh

Slave to Sensation, Psy-Changeling Book 1 (2006)

ISBN: 978-0-5750-9566-3

Visions of Heat, Psy-changeling Book 2 (2007)


Caressed by Ice, Psy-Changeling Book 3 (2007)


Reviewed by Mitenae, August 2010.

Nalini Singh’s Psy-Changeling series is sure to delight fans of paranormal romance.

In book one, Slave to Sensation, Psy Sascha Duncam – daughter of Council member Nikita – has been given her own project to head, but it means dealing with Changeling Lucas Hunter. As a Psy she’s supposed to be emotionless but she’s flawed and hiding it from everyone. Lucas has aroused her emotions far more than anyone should and it’s threatening to break her shields. What’s more, he’s suspicious. He knows there’s something different about her and with a serial killer on the loose hunting Changelings he’s not about to let it go.

Book two, Visions of Heat, begins not long after book one ends. Faith NightStar is an F-designation Psy. She can foresee the future but spends most of her time casting for the monetary benefits of whoever can pay her. At night, when she sleeps, Faith is disturbed by dark dreams she has no control over; it doesn’t mean much to her until her sister, Marine, is murdered. Then Faith realises that she’s seeing from the point of view of whoever killed Marine. But there’s someone else lurking around her compound who is inextricably drawn to Faith, as she will be drawn to him.

In book three, Caressed by Ice, Brenna has largely healed from her abduction and is having dark dreams. Like Faith, she thinks nothing of them until a wolf-Changeling is found dead, dumped in the den. It’s Judd Lauren, a Psy and former Arrow, who calms her down even as he remains ice cold. Brenna is attracted to him but Judd is more interested in his extra-curricular activities for the Ghost until she begins to wear him down. As he finds himself attracted to her, threatening to break all his control, someone is trying to turn Changeling pack against pack.

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