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Brett Weeks

Lightbringer, Book 2

Orbit (2012)

ISBN: 978-1-84149-906-2

Reviewed by Tehani Wessely

Kip Guile, bastard son of the Prism everyone in the Seven Satrapies thinks is Gavin Guile, has been thrown into a world of intrigue and power he is in no way prepared to handle. Despite his perceived shortcomings, however, Kip is determined to make his way in the world, even though his grandfather will do everything to stand in his path, and everyone else thinks Kip’s only chance of getting ahead is by using his father’s influence. At the same time, Gavin’s power is crumbling, at the time when his world can least afford to lose him – and the horrible secret he has kept for the past sixteen years is escaping…

Sequel to 2011’s The Black Prism, this book continues with the same frenetic action and colourful characterisation as its predecessor, rollicking from battle to battle on both small and large scales. While this series doesn’t have the polish or pace of Weeks’ Night Angel trilogy, it is still an enjoyable read, with an interesting magical premise, strongly written action scenes and thoroughly engaging characters. The worldbuilding of the series is of particular interest; far-reaching, yet well-contained and realised. The lead characters, and those in supporting roles, flesh out this world with great variety, and I am very much looking forward to seeing how the plot threads are pulled together in the final book.

Weeks’ novels are intimidating in size, but so readable that within a few pages you forget how much there is to read and simply become caught up in the story. Recommended to read in series order for best effect.

Brent Weeks

Lightbringer, book 1

Orbit (2011 )

ISBN: 978-1-84149-905-5

Reviewed by Tehani Wessely

The Night Angel trilogy were some of my favourite books read in 2009 (released overseas late 2008). I received a copy of the first book, The Way of Shadows to review, and I loved it so much that I immediately bought books two and three myself. This doesn’t often happen with review books, so is a good recommendation! That trilogy combined dark characters with action-packed narrative, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. The Black Prism, the start of Weeks’ new trilogy, doesn’t pack quite the same punch, but was still a really interesting addition to the dark side of fantasy.

Gavin Guile is the Prism, whose magical powers make him the most powerful man in his world. But the peace he has created is fragile at best – warring factions and remnants of past conflict threaten at every pass, and Gavin’s own life is not destined to be long. His aim is to achieve five more goals before his death, anticipated in just five years. But those five goals are worldchangers – is it even possible?

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Brent Weeks

Lightbringer, Book 1

Orbit books

ISBN: 978-1-84149-905-5

Reviewed by Lorraine Cormack

The Black Prism is a real page turner of a novel; an action adventure that grabs the reader very quickly and holds interest until the last page. Most readers will find their interest piqued equally by a multi-layered, intriguing plot and strong, realistic characters that encourage them to care about them.

Gavin Guile is the Prism, the most powerful man in the world, due to the power of his magic. Other magic users can use only one color in their magic; Gavin can use them all. His magic also has fewer of the limits which other magic users experience. However, Gavin isn’t a tyrant; for one thing it isn’t in his nature. For another, one Prism is born in every generation, and so society has placed some limits on his power with religious duties and a Council which balances his political power.

Gavin is a man with many secrets, though, and these take their toll on him. He came to power after killing his brother Dazen during a bitter war. He broke his engagement to a beautiful woman for no apparent reason, although it may be connected to the fact he sired an illegitimate son during the war. And as with any ruler in a world riven with tensions and rivalries, he keeps plenty of secrets as he schemes to keep the peace and his power, and stay ahead of assassins.

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