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Andrew Macrae and Keith Stevenson (eds.)

coeur de lion press (2006)

ISBN: 0-9581390-1-6

Reviewed by Kathryn Linge, July 2007

When I was first presented with c0ck in late 2006, I was very pleasantly surprised. Smaller than your average, black and shiny, the c0ck volume is very tactile and, frankly, I can’t help but fondle it. It’s so sweet! I believe my first words upon seeing it were Oh it’s much smaller than I expected!, but I assure you, dear reader, that it was a pleasant surprise, and not at all the disappointment that a small c0ck might be assumed to be.

This is the first clever thing about c0ck.

The second clever thing about c0ck is its title. I defy anyone to overlook it and the unusual spelling (that’s cee, zero, cee kay) should mean that a web search would find it for you in amongst all the pornography (should you wish to). From the Forward by editors Andrew Macrae and Keith Stevenson, we learn that c0ck seeks to “question and problematise the male perspective from within”.  Read the rest of this entry »

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