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Kylie Chan

Journey to Wudang, Book 3

Harper Voyager (2011)

ISBN: 978-0-7322-8688-0

Reviewed by Mitenae

Emma continues looking after Wudang Mountain while John is gone but Kitty Kwok is still on the loose and undetectable copies have infiltrated Wudang. But something large and dangerous is coming just as John (Xuan Wu) begins to slowly retake human form.

Heaven to Wudang is the sixth book about Emma, John, Simone and Leo and although it’s supposed to be the final book of the second trilogy, it doesn’t come across that way. This is a story about a family and a world and it doesn’t lend itself well to being a trilogy (or a series of trilogies). This book feels incomplete and the ending doesn’t come across as the cliffhanger it should. It feels like it’s an instalment of a regular series, rather than the end of a trilogy.

Kylie Chan

Journey to Wudang, Book 2

HarperVoyager (2010)

ISBN: 978-0-7322-8687-3

Reviewed by Mitenae

Hell to Heaven continues on fairly much from where Earth to Hell left off and it is very much a middle book.

John is still missing and they are trying to keep their lives and the Northern Heavens together as best they can. Leo has returned from Hell and although he is a Celestial,  he’s gone straight back to work. Emma is trying to find a way to rid herself of the demon essence. Simone has to learn to control her yin and accept her nature and Michael is coming to terms with his mother’s death and that she was a demon.

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