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Stories of fantasy and horror

Ian Rosales Casocot


ISBN: 9789712725302

Reviewed by Gillian Polack

Casocot’s slender volume contains eight short stories. Not many. In a perfect world, there would be two volumes, each bigger. One of these volumes would be of horror and science fiction, and one would be fantasy and horror concerning the people and town of Dumaguete.

The Dumaguete of Casocot’s stories is a place of danger and whimsy, of magic and oddness. It shares with Alfar’s stories a sense of the tales of Marcel Aymé, where a small change in the local world can lead to interesting consequences. The people of Dumaguete remind me of the people of the stories of Sholem Aleichem or Isaac Bashevis Singer ‑ people who live complete and rich lives in a tiny world. These tales have such a strong sense of place that I wanted to hear more of this fairy-town, where such interesting events can happen.

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