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Christian Tamblyn

Sid Harta (2009)

ISBN: 9781921362583

Reviewed by Joanna Kasper, June 2010

Alex Hall is an exile from a ruined Earth. Part of the maintenance crew of humanity’s last hope, an ark of frozen people orbiting the destroyed earth, Alex is forced by a lotto draw to leave the ark to maintain their population balance. He is placed in a cryo-sleep in a space pod and sent out into the blackness. When he wakes from an unknown length of time, with no knowledge of how far he has travelled, he finds himself on a fertile world, with an abundance of life in many forms, all amazingly similar to those previously found on Earth. It is at this point that we move from the science fiction portion of the book into the fantasy. This new world is your typical big fat fantasy world, basically Earth transplanted, with some superficial changes so we know we’re not in Kansas anymore. This is not a book to read if you really appreciate detailed world building.

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