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Robert Hood and Robin Pen (eds.)

Agog! Press (2007)

ISBN: 9780809572311 

Reviewed by Adam Bell (this review was first published in September 2007)

Giant monsters. To say it in such a simplistic fashion, it sounds like an overused theme. However, Daikaiju 2: Revenge of the Giant Monsters, edited by Robert Hood and Robin Pen and released by Cat Sparks’s Agog Press, refuses to settle down into simplistic monster stories. Instead it shows us haunting tales that sometimes lead us to question ourselves and our need for monsters.

I haven’t yet read the original Daikaiju anthology but have read a number of stories from it, collected elsewhere. These, and people’s comments on the original anthology, left me with high expectations for this sequel.

Overall, Revenge of the Giant Monsters, presents us with a selection of interesting stories. Many of these stories are haunting and manage to create an alien air around the monsters, while still retaining enough of a sense of familiarity that we can connect with them. On the flip side, some of the stories were not as interesting as my expectations had led me to hope for. Read the rest of this entry »

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