Nominations are open again for the Best Australian Fantasy Series (completely unaffiliated with any existing awards, and with no prizes other than prestige!).

The rules are:

1. The series must be written by an Australian author.

2. The series must be “complete” – why the “”? Because we often find that authors write sequels and prequels to successful trilogies and some books are not marketed as part of a series. I may have to make arbitrary judgement calls here, but will do my best to be fair. For the purposes of nomination, “complete” means the final book of a marketed duology, trilogy and so on has been published. For series books not marketed as such, we’ll make the ruling of “at least three books published in the series, with a definite story arc ending”.

3. The final book of the series must have been published in the past two years, that is, in 2010 or 2011.

There will be two rounds to this process. Firstly, the nomination period, where I encourage as many nominations from readers as possible – please email to with the subject line “BAFS nomination”. Please include the series title, author and if possible, individual book titles, publication dates and publisher. Remember, it’s Australian only, with the final book of the series to have been published in the past two years. The nomination period closes on March 31, 2012.

Secondly there will be a voting round based on a shortlist that I’ll compile from the nominations. This will be released in April 2012, so stay tuned for more information!