ASIF is a voluntary group run by booklovers who love reading speculative fiction.

ASIF has two main aims:

1. To bring attention to the Australian speculative fiction scene and to bring in new readers to it. This means that the site acts as a guide to the newbie – introduces writers, introduces their work, has a bibliography so you can go and find more work by a writer that you like and so on. It also attempts to inform on the various styles and genres, approaches and the culture of the scene.

2. To be an honest, open and unbiased critique of the work and discuss what worked and what didn’t work and why. So in other words, when you look at a piece, do you think its brilliant? If you do, try to work out why so that you can explain to someone whose work is not brilliant, why this piece works and how they can use these things to improve their own work. And conversely, if something is less than brilliant, can you tease out a few main flaws and explain why they were flaws and how it could have been executed differently.

Alisa Krasnostein, Executive Director