Heather Killough-Walden

The Lost Angels, book 1

Headline (2011)

ISBN: 9780755380374

Reviewed by Tehani Wessely

Four archangels, living on Earth for thousands of years, with only one true purpose – to find their soulmates. Brothers in spirit, after so many centuries the four have begun to despair they will ever find the women they seek, the archesses made to complete them – until one finally appears.

When the archangel Uriel (the Angel of Vengeance), presently making a living as a Hollywood movie star playing (flavour of the month) a vampire, meets Eleanore Granger, he instantly knows she is the one he has been hunting for. For centuries, the quest to find his soulmate has consumed him – now he just has to convince HER they belong together. And Ellie’s own independent nature is not the only thing standing in their way. There’s the mysterious Sam, rich, powerful and desperate for what the archangels may finally have. And there’s also the strange agency that has been chasing Ellie her whole life – who are they and why are they so anxious to claim her, and her unusual power?

This is a fairly typical set up for a paranormal romance novel, trading on not only the “angel” supernatural element, but throwing in vampires for good measure! It’s not annoyingly derivative though, and is a solid example of the genre. I didn’t love the pre-destination premise, or the idea that the women, like Ellie, were made only to satisfy some part of the immortal archangels, but the author has taken notice of this as an issue and made some attempt to satisfy those who would feel likewise.

Killough-Walden has given herself a lot of scope to continue to write in her archangel world, with not only the four “brothers”, but Max, Sam and other secondary characters who will no doubt require their own “happy ever after” stories. And the characters are engaging and likeable, so a reader who enjoys Avenger’s Angel will no doubt want to read more.

If you like Nalini Singh’s Guild Hunter books, I guarantee you’ll enjoy Avenger’s Angel.