Tansy Rayner Roberts

Creature Court trilogy, book 2

Harper Voyager (2011)

ISBN: 978073228944 7

Reviewed by Jason Nahrung

In which the Tasmanian author furthers the tale begun in Power and Majesty. For those who came in late: the city of Aufleur is under attack, with interdimensional rifts trying to destroy it overnight. Defending the city is a bunch of hedonistic and political shape shifters, led by a Power and Majesty. In Book 1, the ruling P&M was whisked away through a split in the sky, and was replaced – not by the most likely candidate, the damaged and reluctant Ashiol, but seamstress Velody.

It’s a gloriously complex world, with Italian Renaissance overtones, and both the workings of the magical world and its relationship with the physical are explored further in The Shattered City.

Velody grows into her role on the great chess board, introducing a new regime of polite behaviour – of community – into the fractious, scheming Court, while her fellow seamstresses – Rhian, all but neglected for much of this story, and fiery Delphine – also find their place in the new world order.

The actual story that drives this book – an assassin in the ranks and the sense that the city faces its most deadly threat yet – takes a while to get going, but there’s no time for slacking off. There are so many points of view, often thrown altogether within each chapter, and some make only one or few appearances: it’s easy to lose track of just whose head you’re in.

It’s a strength that the immediate story arcs of Books 1 and 2 are both resolved between their covers, while the larger story stretches across them. As with the first, the second delivers some delicious moments, beautifully dressed and dead sexy, and what a relief it is to finally have the plot point that kicked the whole thing off finally out in the open. Rayner Roberts is wise to not present it as a surprise, but use it as leverage for a greater goal.

The Creature Court series offers a layered, detailed, credible world, peopled with a cast of complex, motivated individuals. How fortunate that, given the impending showdown foreshadowed here, that Book 3, Reign of Beasts, is out now!