Tad Williams

Shadowmarch Quartet, Book 3

Orbit (2010)

ISBN: 978-1-84149-296-4

Reviewed by Mitenae

Shadowrise is the third volume in Tad William’s latest epic series the Shadowmarch Quartet. With the Qar getting ever closer to Southmarch, Briony finds herself in Syan and it’s court. There, she hopes, she can find help, but the Syannese court is anything but helpful.

Barrick is still travelling to Qul-na-Qar but is running out of time and with Silkins and other creatures to face it may not make it at all. Ferras Vansen works with the Funderlings, in the hopes of finding a solution to preventing Yasammez’s attack.

I first discovered Tad William’s books in a secondhand store many years ago and I’ve been reading his work ever since. This book lives up to his predecessors. It’s an epic tale, the sort of long, detailed and complicated tale, and world, I expect from Tad Williams. It’s a very enjoyable story but the sort you need to commit yourself to. I wouldn’t recommend starting this quartet with anything but the first volume.

Despite the length and breadth of the story, I found myself at times getting bored with reading about Barrick (yet again) as it seems to take ages for him to get anywhere with not a lot happening to him. Yes he battles and faces all sorts of creatures and although it develops him as a character, he tends to lag in the middle. By halfway through the book, I was wanting to skip ahead to other more interesting characters but it picks up towards the end.

I love the worlds Tad Williams creates and here he blends fairies with his own unique view to create a vibrant and interesting world that is fun to explore. Shadowrise is a great read, especially if you like reading doorstoppers, and the story is set to continue in the final volume, Shadowheart.