James Patterson, with Michael Ledwidge, art by SeungHui Kye


ISBN: 978 1 907410 52 9

Reviewed by Tehani Wessely

Adapted from James Patterson’s Daniel X novels, the first volume of the Daniel X manga is both entertaining and at times somewhat confusing. Daniel X is a teen alien hunter, on his own since his parents (his father was also an alien hunter) were murdered. He has supernatural powers, such as being able to create tangible illusions, and he is tracking down aliens on “The List”, to rid the planet of their evil ways. As it turns out though, Daniel himself is also on the list, and he finds himself kidnapped and taken to a planet far away, where he learns more about himself and his history.

Without the benefit of having read the novels this manga is based on, I struggled a little at various points to figure out what was going on, and I felt the story suffered somewhat for not exploring some of the angles a little more. However, it was a fast and action-packed book, with some interesting characters and plot points that kept me engaged throughout, even when I didn’t really know what was going on. The artwork is manga at it’s best – very cute, but with a stylish edge, and the pictures are a great complement to the story.

I like seeing these sorts of manga done well, as they can be a great way for reluctant readers to become involved with longer texts – if they love the manga, it’s easier to convince them to tackle the original novels. Daniel X does a good job of sucking in a new reader and would, I think, also appeal to a Patterson fan of any kind.