Traci Harding

Book 2, Triad of Being

HarperVoyager (2010)

ISBN: 978-0-7322-8124

Reviewed by Mitenae

Ripped away from it’s universe, Maladaan finds itself in the universe where Kila and the chosen live. Taren and Lucien are rescued to discover that many recognise them and psychics are not as unusual or hated as they were. But the Orions have discovered the chosen. They must find a way to combat their new weapon and get Maladaan back to it’s own universe and orbit before the chosen are destroyed.

The Universe Parallel is the second book in the trilogy Triad of Being, and this series is a great introduction to Traci Harding and her unique blend of fantasy, science and new age theories.

I like Traci Harding’s work and this one has less paragraphs of exposition explaining theories to the reader than some of her other books do, making it an easier read. I found it a light read, but then I am familiar with her worlds and her work.

New readers might find, like I did at times, that the characters are too accepting of the situation they find themselves in. Such as when Taren and Lucien easily accept learning about their past incarnations and connections to the residents of Kila. I would’ve like the characters to react in a more human-like way.

What most disappointed me was the inclusion of the Orions. They came across as the token bad guys added in because the Chosen are in danger of being too perfect and need an enemy who has the capability of destroying them and providing more story. For me, they added little to the story and I could have quite happily given them a miss.

Fans of her work will love this next chapter in the lives of Rhun, Avery and Rhiannon and the introduction of new characters. Newcomers to her work will find this series a great stepping stone into discovering The Ancient Future Trilogy and The Celestial Triad.