Belinda Murrell

Random House Australia (2010)

ISBN: 978-1-86471-987-1

Reviewed by Mitenae

Tilly is angry at everything. At her parent, at the kids at school and at her little brother, and it’s all getting too much for her mum. Needing a break, she sends Tilly to stay with her aunt Kara for the weekend who shows Tilly the family heirloom. A gorgeous ruby pendant. Tilly falls asleep while wearing it and wakes up to find herself in the eighteenth century in France on the day of Bastille Revolution. Tilly must help Amelie-Mathilde, her ancestress, escape the chaos of France and reach the safety of England.

Belinda Murrell has crafted a fantastic children’s novel, taking the reader back into a well-researched and conveyed France of the 1700s.

Although I like this book, at times I felt as if the author was too aware of her intended audience. The tone of the writing comes through as very much being aimed at children. It lacks a sophistication that would help this book embrace an older market as well. I also felt this coming through in the “moral” lesson behind Tilly and her anger. For me, if felt too designed and not subtle enough for it to just melt into the landscape of the book.

All in all, I liked this story and a lot of kids will too. A great read.