Nalini Singh

Book 2, Guild Hunter Series

Gollancz (2010)

ISBN: 978-0-575-09474

Reviewed by Mitenae

Elena has been awake for three days after spending a year in a coma and is still getting used to the idea she has wings. Raphael is having to get used to the fact – whether he likes it or not – that she is not his toy, plaything or possession. True love doesn’t work that way.

Elena has two months to learn how to use her wings, for Lijiuan is holding a ball and Raphael won’t have them being seen as weak. Only they stumble across a mangled but still alive vampire with a branded chest. And the only way to identify him is by the ring he won from Illium in a poker game.

An angel is challenging and whoever it is, is willing to pit one archangel against another to gain it.

Nalini Singh has managed to not only continue a good series, but to make it even better than the first novel. The world is great, the writing fantastic and the characters are nicely balanced between strong and feminine.

This book is not just for those into paranormal romance, but also for those who have shied away from it and the many clichéd novels currently about. Nalini Singh is proving to be a writer capable of breathing life into, for me at least, a predictable sub-genre.