Nalini Singh

Book 1, Guild Hunter Series

Gollancz (2009)

ISBN: 978-0- 575-09572

Reviewed by Mitenae

Archangel Raphael wants the best, even if the mere mention of his wanting her for a job scares the shit out of Elena Devereax, the best guild hunter there is. Upon meeting him, Elena is forced to walk a fine line between not being manipulated and not being killed by Raphael for her defiance.

Elena learns that she is to track not a vampire nor a human and not even an angel, but an archangel. Raphael won’t tell her why nor will he allow her to tell anyone else about the job. Not even when he begins to fall for her and it threatens to make him mortal.

Nalini Singh is on of those rare writers who is able to take what is the current fad and twist it just that little bit, not only making it her own, but making her work a clear standout above everything else.

In Angels’ Blood, the vampires are bound to the angels. For me, this is a fantastic twist as she sets up a unique relationship that is found nowhere else in the masses of vampire books currently littering bookshelves.

Elena is a lovely blend of strong woman, defiance and femininity. Raphael, while coming across as arrogant, is just too much fun for me not to like. And the minor characters, Dmitri, Illium, Sara and Ransom, provide just as much interest even if they are not given as much story time as I would have liked.

Angels’ Blood promises to be the beginning of a sexy series that is sure to delight readers everywhere.