Sam Bowring

Book 3, The Broken Well Trilogy

Orbit (2010)

ISBN: 978-0-7336-2435-3

Reviewed by Mitenae

Having achieved his objective at Holdwith, Losara and his army abandon it and heads to the mines. Bel, learning of this races there leaving Jaya behind but arrives too late. Losara moves on and Bel is determined to get there ahead of him. Corlas is at Whisperwood, gathering a sprite army to defend and rescue his reborn son while Battu works with Fahren, once enemies, now joined together in single task. Bel longs to be reunited with his lost half so light can win but Losara has another fate in mind.

The world that caught my attention in Prophecy’s Ruin failed to hook or hold my attention with this story. Soul’s Reckoning is little more than one very extended battle scene pockmarked with romance and later on one long debate between Bel and Losara about who is the better person.

The writing at times could do with being more cold and I expected better, sharper dialogue that what I encountered in this story. Some of the phrases used are borderline cheesy and had me inwardly groaning.

I do like the world Sam Bowring has created but at times I’ve found myself disappointed with its execution. The Broken Well Trilogy had the potential to be a grand sweeping epic given the world created, but unfortunately it never comes close to being anything of the sort.