Stacia Kane

Downside Ghosts, Book 2

HarperVoyager (2010)

ISBN: 978-0-00-734325-6

Reviewed by Mitenae

Chess is at a job to bring down a con-artist psychic when she is fatally poisoned and almost dies. Afterwards she runs into Terrible at a bar and is once again drawn into the Downside world on the trail of someone killing hookers and rumours of it being The Cryin Man. At the same time she’s brought in on a job by the Church to find out if Roger Pyle, a celebrity is really being haunted or if it is just a scam.

I like Chess, aka Cesaria Putnam. She manages to get the job done while simultanteously making a mess of her personal life. She’s a nice change to the female heroes who manage to have it all.

This series has grown on me. After reading book one, Unholy Ghosts, I wasn’t sold on the world. But having given Unholy Magic a shot it has growing on me. It’s an enjoyable world with great characters and dialogue and I’m looking forward to reading book three.