Kylie Chan

Journey to Wudang, Book 2

HarperVoyager (2010)

ISBN: 978-0-7322-8687-3

Reviewed by Mitenae

Hell to Heaven continues on fairly much from where Earth to Hell left off and it is very much a middle book.

John is still missing and they are trying to keep their lives and the Northern Heavens together as best they can. Leo has returned from Hell and although he is a Celestial,  he’s gone straight back to work. Emma is trying to find a way to rid herself of the demon essence. Simone has to learn to control her yin and accept her nature and Michael is coming to terms with his mother’s death and that she was a demon.

Although this is a world and characters I love I have the same concerns with this book that I did with the last. Unless you’ve read the first trilogy Dark Heavens you may find it hard initially to get into this book; a lot of that has to do with Emma as the protagonist and narrator.

I appreciate Emma’s cold nature but as she is the narrator it results in, at times, a cold story, emotionally distancing the reader from the book. It was only my love of the original series that hooked me into this book and kept me reading. This book on its own did not manage to do that. For me, a balance between Emma’s cold nature and making the story more emotionally accessible needs to be found for future volumes to hook me in the way they should.

There are some scenes that I would love to have read about but because Emma is the narrator and was not there to witness them, they’re missing. And the book could have done with them. This is a very episodic novel, especially initially, and it only really pulls together towards the end.

That said there are new characters in this book that are an absolute delight and I did burst out laughing more than once.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book, but only because I am already familiar with the world and the characters. I’d recommend reading the first trilogy before embarking on this one.