Kim Falconer

Quantum Encryption, Book 1

HarperVoyager (2010)

ISBN: 978-0-7322-9139-6

Reviewed by Mitenae.

In a cavern under Los Loma Rosette discovers a trunk and within it the grimoire of her ancestor, Ruby Richter. Luka Paree and Janis Richter are working for ASSIST but are also pursuing their own plans, the creation of Jarrod and the Lupins. But their plans are in danger and both Jarrod and the Lupin pups must be taken to safety.

Path of the Stray is the first novel in Kim Falconer’s second series blending fantasy, magic and science to create a unique and enticing world that delves into the backstory of the first trilogy Quantum Enchantment.

The new characters, Tryn, Bree, Jack Macquarie, Ethan and Celia are engaging and interesting, and while Jarrod disappears from the story early on, I’m curious to know what he’s been up to.

I didn’t like the use of the term grimoire to describe Ruby’s witch’s journal, mainly because it paints an inaccurate picture of contemporary witchcraft. A grimoire is linked specifically to black magic and the occult and although the 21st century society in the book views magic in this way Ruby and Janis do not. A more suitable term would have book, and is one that is often used, is: a book of shadows and light.

If you’re a new reader to Kim Falconer, Path of the Stray is not one of those books where you need to have read the preceding trilogy. It’s a nice addition to her many worlds and one well worth reading. Thoroughly enjoyable.