Brandon Sanderson

Mistborn, Book 3

Gollancz (2010)

ISBN: 978 0 575 08994 5

Reviewed by Mitenae, August 2010

Vin and Elend have secured Luthadel and in the process of securing the rest of the Final Empire they discover that the Lord Ruler has left behind 5 caches, filled with food, supplies and messages scribed in metal. After locating the fourth cache, and finding clues to where the fifth is they hope they’ve finally found where the atium is stored. But Vin is being manipulated, and Ruin has the destruction of the world in mind. Unless she can find a way to prevent it, they are all doomed.

The Hero of Ages is the final volume in the Mistborn series by Brandon Sanderson. My world building concerns with The Final Empire are resolved in this book. But rather than the explanations arising naturally from the story and the culmination of events, the reader is informed of these largely through italicised excerpts before the beginning of each chapter. These excerpts are relied upon far too much to fill in the holes, and without them the story wouldn’t have the effect that it does.

On a similar note, I found myself being filled in about previous events over half way through this book. I expect this sort of thing at the beginning, mainly to clue in new readers, but half way through the book, especially when the information has little bearing on the scene at hand, for me, is odd.

Overall it’s a good story even if it is a very long one for such a simple tale. But ultimately, for me, it’s missing something. It might be that I don’t like the covers of this series but I tend to think that this story is missing an element that would send it from being a good series to a great one, worthy of reading. As it is, it’s a book I would only recommend to those who I know would like it.