Brandon Sanderson

Mistborn, Book 2

Gollancz (2010)

ISBN: 978 0 575 08993 8

Reviewed by Mitenae, July 2010

The Lord Ruler is dead and Elend Venture is king of the central dominance but Vin patrols every night, preventing his assassination. Lord Straff Venture and Lord Ashweather Cett with their own forces are preparing to take Luthadel and claim the Final Empire for themselves. But a more dire threat lurks in the mists and few believe Vin when she tried to tell them.

Most second books in a trilogy run the risk of being little more than space filler getting from book one to book three and although a lot happens in this book the first half was little more than the aftermath of the collapse of the empire. It didn’t engage me as much as it could have and it isn’t until the final third of this book that the story really begins to ramp up. But for me it takes far too long to tell what happens. By the time the spy (go on, you knew there was going to be one) was revealed, I didn’t care who it was, nor did I really care about who ended up claiming leadership because all the politicking that goes on is just a front for a larger story that was evident from the first book.

Brandon Sanderson is clearly an author with talent and this story is good, but it isn’t great. I like the world and the overall tale but I was hoping to read a book that continued the strength of The Final Empire and for me The Well of Ascension fell short.