Sara Douglass

Dark Glass Mountain, Book 3

HarperVoyager (2010)

ISBN: 978 0 7322 8292 9

Reviewed by Mitenae, July 2010

Elcho Falling has risen but the One still lurks, threatening Maximilian (Maxel) and Ishbel at every turn. When the Lealfast attack, Inardle’s betrayal is revealed and no-one, especially Axis is sure if they can trust her knowledge. Maxel and Ishbel must find a way to negate the one, or risk losing everyone and everything they cherish.

The Infinity Gate is the beautifully told concluding volume to DarkGlass Mountain.

I love Sara Douglass’ work, but this has not been my favourite series. It lacks the complicated depth of her other works and throughout it I have been left feeling as though there should be more to the story than what’s there.

The book works for what it is. It’s a great conclusion to the trilogy and I love the Skraelings.

My main sticking point with this trilogy has been the inclusion of Axis. He doesn’t really seem to have any real purpose for being there. [spoiler>] He does help Inardle (and the Skraelings) discover their origins and is there to act as the war general Maxel needs, but his storyline isn’t deeply rooted enough into the existing story for me. He could easily be sliced out, the critical aspects given to other characters and the story would still work. And that’s the problem. It shouldn’t work if Axis is removed. More should have been made of bringing Axis back from the dead. He has sorely been underused.

Sara Douglass has a wonderful ability to craft stories, and given that this is to be her second last novel (the last The Devil’s Diadem is yet to come), due to a change in direction, I, for one, will sorely miss looking forward to her next book.