Will Elliott

Book 1, Pendulum

Harper Voyager (2010)

ISBN: 978-0-7322-8947-8

Reviewed by Mitenae, May 2010

Eric Albright, a man unsatisfied with his job, and Stuart Casey (Case), a homeless man stumble across a red door under a bridge. Initially Eric believes it’s only graffiti, until it opens and a group comes through, steal stationary and leave. Curious Eric and Case are determined to find their way through, but once they do they discover Levaal, a world very different to their own.

I like this story and I like this world, but the book does have its problems and that’s mainly due to a simplistic storyline that does not do justice to the world Will Elliot has created.

Early on there are two rather odd chapters (chapters one and three) that stand apart from the rest of the book. Both of these chapters are in present tense and have a distinct narrative voice that does not appear in any of the other chapters. There doesn’t seem to be any real point to doing this and it doesn’t advance or assist the story in any serious way. Instead they stand apart as two odd chapters.

Once in Levaal Eric and Case tend to wander about aimlessly, never really appearing to achieve anything, nor does their presence affect Levaal. Although I like the characters, I feel more should have been made of them. The story and the characters should have been pushed further challenging Eric and Case to grow, which they don’t really do much of until near the end of the book.

This is a story best listened to. The writing is more evocative when spoken aloud but it loses that something when read. It doesn’t come alive in the same way and tends to bog down the tension and drive of this story. The result of this is that there isn’t really a climax to the book and the story just tends to wander on until the final page. Realistically the only detail that kept me reading was the world.

This story is a richly woven world. One that cries out to be explored and it is a world I would be happy to journey back to. Hopefully this book is a promise of better stories to come from a talented author.