Michael Joesph

Penguin (2010)

ISBN: 978 0 7181 5559 9

Reviewed by Mitenae, May 2010

Sister Evangeline has been at the Saint Rose Convent since she was twelve, and a nun since she was eighteen. Now, aged 23, while sorting through the mail she discovers a letter from Verlaine requesting access to the Convent’s archives.

But Verlaine, an art historian, has been employed by Percival Grigori, a sick Nephilim to uncover the cure to the disease wasting his wings away. Rashly, Verlaine visits the convent, sparking events that will change Sister Evangeline’s life and setting her upon a course to discover her own family history.

This story follows in the path of The DaVinci Code and many others, weaving truth and myth with an alternate view of history. Angelology takes you into the world and gives the reader time to explore it, getting to know the characters in a way The DaVinci Code does not.

This book contains a story within a story (and another story within that) and although some of this information is needed, it runs the risk of distracting the reader from the main story and of bogging down the pace, which at times could be faster.

But on the whole it was an enjoyable read and one I would recommend.